The Advantages and disadvantages Of Internet Advertising

Everbody knows that to start making profits through a website, the site’s owner has to get visitors to it. These visitors are called traffic and the best way to draw in a lot of traffic is to promote the website through Internet advertising.

As there are always good points when selling a service or a product, there is a corresponding bad  or negative side as well. See ad serving as well.  The Internet advertising business is not spared from this.

Here are my thoughts about a few internet advertising methods and their varying advantages and disadvantages.

Internet Advertising – Its Advantages

This facilitates the speedy and steady inflow of web traffic to your site as it draws in traffic which ultimately spells out to revenue and profit.

Internet Advertising – Its Disadvantages

Main disadvantage here is that it needs substantial researching from you to try and find your target audience, choose the most suitable program and get your adverts in front of these people.

Pay-Per-Click – Its Advantages

Gets the greatest exposure across a wide variety of search terms that provide the most efficient way to get in front of the largest audience possible using a combination of search engine exposure as well as additional exposure via content networks.

The Pay-Per-Click Disadvantages

Testing and tweaking the ads, or just managing the ad campaigns to get optimum results can be very time consuming. See also the self service advertising. If a bid price is too low, this will limit your exposure and besides, this range has the highest competition among all advertising methods making profit hard to obtain.

The Banner Advertising Advantages

There are many banner exchange networks that will grant you web exposure across many similar websites making audience you need to draw easy and also allows you full control over which websites display your banner ads. Cheaper than most methods of advertising, selecting the right category guarantees that get targeted visitors who are interested in what your site has to offer.

The Banner Advertising Disadvantages

If you are not a graphic designer, putting the ads and designs together can be challenging. Even if the information is free and virtually boundless, an effective design involves more than skills in the are of graphic design. You need to have the ‘eye’ for designing – something which I lucked out of. The disadvantage then rises again as people with graphic skills I lack  will take advantage and charge hugely which ultimately doesn’t serve my campaign very well and set me back a few additional months perhaps just trying to get that back.

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